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SocialSites integrate with key Social Media platforms.


The time has come for websites to evolve and actually
interact with your prospects in real time.

Welcome to the new evolution of websites. The easiest way to control your business without an agency and with no extra cost in the end.

Integrating Social Media into your site makes it easier to update. Show your clients and prospects everything you are doing in real time, generating online portfolios that are always up to date.

Control your website through Facebook.

Facebook Integrated Albums

This powerful feature allows builders, trades and real estate companies to use Facebook photo albums to post projects, portfolios and services on their website. Simply post your pictures to Facebook and watch your website automatically update.

The easiest way to generate an online portfolio in real time. Your website visitors will see exactly what you're doing while you're doing it.


Show everyone what you're doing in real time.

Instagram Real Time Projects

Imagine sharing your Instagram content and having your SocialSite automatically updated with your latest posts.

Keep your website updated and as current as your social media. No more outdated websites dragging your brand down.

Sell to new clients with the help of your existing ones.

Utilise the power of social proof to help turn new prospects into clients, while building SEO.

Every time you receive a Facebook review, it will automatically display on your website. You will no longer need to update your reviews or testimonial section on your website.

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Live Chat Bot.

As a built in feature of a SocialSite we set up a state of the art Live Chat system that allows website visitors to connect to your mobile phone if they have some burning questions. This can help convert customers quickly and you can offer your Ebrochure link to them (provided you have the Ebrochure kit) inside the Chat as a way to give them more info so you can get off the line quickly.

In Mid 2018 ALL SocialSite clients will be offered the chance to upgrade Live Chat to an Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot that will be expertly programmed specifically for your industry to help automatically pre-qualify and connect you with only the BEST leads. The Fees and details of this additional feature will be released mid 2018 so stay Tuned and Subscribe in our News Section of the website.

Store client details and send Ebrochures.

Rich Training EMS
(Requires the Rich Training Ebrochure/EMS Package)

A website that functions as little more than a shop front window does not cut it in today’s digital marketplace. With little more than a contact us form not only do your prospects and clients miss out on all your latest and greatest, you damage your brand and client relationships by not having sophisticated capabilities to engage and nurture your visitors.

Our Email Marketing System ensures that your SocialSite is capable of storing all of your visitor’s details in a simple, central database whilst automatically sending them a fully interactive, trackable Ebrochure and monthly automated newsletter. Static, non-responsive marketing content is now a thing of the past.

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100% TrueMobile Responsive.

SocialSites automatically adapt your website for the best possible user experience on all devices. What web developers don't tell their clients is that standard WordPress templates ARE NOT 100% Mobile responsive, they work on a selected range of mobile devices only and this can cost you millions in lost work.

87% of all web browsing is on mobile now. If your website is not 100% TrueMobile responsive across thousands of combinations of phones and browsers, and does not automatically store leads, sending them a brief on your business, you can lose 80% of your visitors and potentially millions in profit, along with wasted SEO money.

Automatically Update your Website Blog and Generate Live SEO from your Phone.

Simply use Instagram or Facebook to post Photos/Videos or Tumblr to write full blog articles straight from your phone and our SocialSite system will compile these into a fully searchable and Search Engine Optimised Blog, live, with no need to login to update your website and no need to pay a web developer to update your blogs anymore.

If you are wanting help with what to post or what to write for your blogs, let us guide you and help to do all that for you, through our Marketing Mentorship program.


SocialSite Features and Benefits.

Rich Training's SocialSites provide numerous benefits for you:


Modern Templates

Each Rich Training template design has been made by our design team, which are created with modern browsers and mobile devices in mind, and employ the latest internet code techniques.

Designed for Builders

Every Rich Training template design supports all major content types, including Pages, Galleries, Blogs, Lead capture and more.


Socially Connected

Linked accounts from YouTube, Vimeo, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Houzz.

Social Links

Easily display social network profile links, letting your visitors follow you on every major network.

Facebook Page Integration

Your Facebook Page can easily push entire pages of content into the platform.

Automatically Responsive Designs

All Layout Engine pages are completely responsive and work on any mobile device.


Provided by the Rich Training EMS, easily enable newsletter signups from your website.

User Data
(Additional Fees)

Form Blocks

The incredibly robust Form Block is easy to capture data from your site prospects.

Save to Rich
Training EMS

Save form submissions to the Rich Training EMS and easily manage all your contacts.

Build a Mailing List

Build a mailing list on the Rich Training EMS.

Intelligence Bot (Additional Fees)

Let your Website Chat to Prospects Automatically

Each SocialSite comes with complimentary Live Chat that allows prospects to message you, connecting through to your phone - never lose a lead again.

More than just a Chat Bot

We have worked with the top consultants in your industry and draw upon 7 years research and over 450+ clients to program an A.I. Bot that will pre-qualify leads live on your website.

Website Live Chat

Chat Live to your Website Visitors

Each SocialSite comes with complimentary Live Chat which allows prospects to talk to you if needed connecting through to your phone, never lose a lead again.

Everyone wants Live Chat

Nowdays everyone expects to connect at anytime with a business and this feature fills that need. You can of course set an away message or direct them to your Ebrochure optin (if you have that package).


Instagram Portfolio

Besides the EMS, Rich Training provides you the chance to integrate your posts from Instagram and Tumblr creating a portfolio on your own website.

Facebook Portfolio

Besides the EMS, Rich Training provides you the chance to integrate your galleries from Facebook creating a portfolio on your own website.

Google AdWords
(Additional Fees)


Improve your search presence with SEO by using the Ultimate Social Sites with Rich Training.

Google AdWords

Be seen by customers at the very moment that they’re searching on Google for the things you offer. And only pay when they click to visit your website or call.


High Capacity and Availability

Every system in our infrastructure participates in serving all of our websites, so your site is powered by the same infrastructure that powers sites with millions of page views a day.


While you can run your own ads or make money with your site if you’d like, we do not sell or run ads against your content. Your site is yours.

A Remarkable History

Rich Training has been in business for years. We’ve ensured the robustness of our system through real world use, not lab testing.

Email by Gmail
G Suite

Email by Google Under your Domain

Each SocialSite comes with complimentary Gmail setup for the handling of your Email accounts. This provides superior security, reliability and a 24 hours support.

More than Email

In addition to Gmail, you can also use other popular business tools such as Google Docs, Google Drive and Google Calendar.


Google Apps 24/7 Email Support

Google offers email support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for those clients who have chosen the Google Apps migration option.

Rich Training Help Center

In addition to Gmail, if you have the Rich Training EMS package, you have a full help system built into the EMS back end and take advantage of our launch offer.

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1. How to break free from being busy but not getting ahead.
2. How to best allocate the funds from your advertising budget.
3. The effect of social media and Social Currency on your business now and into the future.

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