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Watch Rich Latimer, the Director of Rich Training, and the #1 rated Digital Marketer for the Building, Trades and Real Estate Industry, explain exactly how without these systems and strategies you could be losing millions a year and wasting thousands of hours.

Rich Latimer is a regular speaker for Builders Coach, HIA, MBA, three times running
Keynote Speaker on Social Marketing for Sydney Build and has been invited to New York
Build and Auckland Build.
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You know that in order to be truly successful in business you need internet marketing and that means more than just a static website and some SEO. You need to be making the most of the two largest communication channels on the planet: Social Media and Email - with high level skill and expertise - if you want to rise above the ordinary and stand ahead of the pack, generating millions in profit and saving thousands of wasted hours a year.

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1. How to break free from being busy but not getting ahead.
2. How to best allocate the funds from your advertising budget.
3. The effect of social media and Social Currency on your business now and into the future.

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