We have helped many of our 450+ Builders, Trades
and Real Estate Businesses generate millions in profit
while saving thousands of hours a year.


These packages have helped many of our 450+ Builders, Trades and Real Estate Businesses generate millions in profit while saving thousands of hours a year.

Rated in the Top #100 Marketers in the World by Facebook, our cutting edge digital marketing packages dovetail together to become the most simple, powerful and automated way to take your Business from where it is now, to where it deserves to be.



browser SocialSites

Smart, Fast, Social & Self- Updating Websites

Welcome to the future of Websites (SocialSites™)

Would you like a website that updates itself, creates live word of mouth and SEO, maximises social exposure, chats to prospects automatically and sends live interactive Ebrochures to leads, while storing their details? That's a SocialSite™!

Hosted on our own dedicated lightning-speed servers with a hand coded custom engine, SocialSite™ websites are up to 20X faster than standard WordPress or other slow CMS based sites, 10x more responsive and are 100% TrueMobile certified unlike 99% of other websites.
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EMS System

mail Automated Ebrochure

Email & Social Media Marketing System

Let us help you capture and nurture every possible prospect now and create consistent high profit workflow into the future.

The Essential Toolkit to Power a Complete Digital Marketing System optimizing your workflow, generating higher profits and saving you precious time.
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ems system

Facebook Ads

share Social Media

Advertising Campaigns

The Only Social Media Campaigns Specifically Designed and Built for Builders, Trades and Real Estate Companies.

1. What if you could find your perfect client before they even thought about searching Google to find your competition?
2. What if you could read their minds and know exactly where they want to build, how much they want to spend, how many kids and even the type of personality they have?
3. What if you could know that every job you take on is the best highest profit job possible in your region at the time?

Our campaigns have proven results and come with 4 weeks of automated email marketing targeted to each new lead. This pre-qualifies, educates and prepares them for a consult with you so that you don't ever have to worry about dealing with tyre kickers again and only work with golden prospects.
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Marketing Program

Work with our Mentors to fast track your business into its powerful and professional digital future.

Our Social Currency Mentorship is an one-on-one Marketing Mentorship program that coaches and supports you to build a connection between your business and an on-going stream of your perfect Triple A-Grade clients. We schedule regular monthly face-to-face meetings when it suits you and provide ongoing support throughout the year in between sessions to support your success.

Our expert Social Marketing Mentors are specialists in Building, Trades and Real Estate marketing and help you to define a marketing strategy and plan that uses the two most powerful communication tools on the planet, Social Media and Email Marketing, in a way that your competition can only dream of as many of them are using agencies that outsource everything and have little to no proof or results.
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mentorship program

Go Viral

Let us help your business just like we have for these clients.

Book a Free Strategy Session

You know that in order to be truly successful in business you need internet marketing and that means more than just a static website and some SEO. You need to be making the most of the two largest communication channels on the planet: Social Media and Email - with high level skill and expertise - if you want to rise above the ordinary and stand ahead of the pack, generating millions in profit and saving thousands of wasted hours a year.

Once you fill out the form our Head Consultant will contact you to:

1. Get a deep understanding of where you are now.
2. Find out where you want to be in the next 12-24 months.
3. Create a Digital Social Marketing action plan to get you there.

The 3 key things you will take away from this session are:

1. How to break free from being busy but not getting ahead.
2. How to best allocate the funds from your advertising budget.
3. The effect of social media and Social Currency on your business now and into the future.

Spaces fill very fast and we can only work with a certain number of clients per year, so fill this form out now and we look forward to helping you reach your goals.