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23 Oct, 2019

Maintaining Structural Integrity with Passive Solar Design

There’s a reason (and benefit) to why we work diligently on each passive designed home… They say patience is a virtue, but in truth – good things come to those who wait! There’s a l ...

20 Oct, 2019

Proud to Offer the Gold Standard

The GOLD STANDARD 🏅 Winspace is proud to be the Hunter HIA Award Recipients for best Renovation/Addition Project (for the $150k-$250k range). Being recognised by our industry as top builders is ...

17 Oct, 2019

Check out what our Clients have been up to...

Gotta give lots of credit to the guys at @bayviewbrickandblock 🤘! Sure, we assist in their social posts, but the amount of effort work that they put into their content is just 👌. Real-time stor ...

16 Oct, 2019

Improved Flow + Good Products = Happy Customers!

Improve the natural flow of your work and achieve great outcomes with your clients through the use of our handy and reliable gadgets! To learn more, did you get the app? ~ ...

16 Oct, 2019

Going Beyond the Simple Renovation Process

Give your home special care and attention that goes beyond a simple renovation. Expanding your living space with a first floor addition is a great way to give your property the space it needs. But the ...

16 Oct, 2019

Passive Solar Design: More than just offering natural light!

Despite its name, passive solar design isn’t just about providing natural light ☝️! Passive solar design also means reducing the need for artificial heating and cooling… Why is this a be ...



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