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30 Oct, 2019

Reducing your Energy Consumption with Passive Solar Design

While passive solar design results in a decreased use of energy, it does not necessarily mean that your home is completely operating off the grid… What it DOES mean, is reduced reliance on non ...

27 Oct, 2019

Our Best Project To Date

Where does it end and where does it start 😲?! You’d be hard-pressed to believe that this home was actually a one-storey unit before our team worked their magic on it! This home design was a ...

24 Oct, 2019

Our Rule: Mobile First

MOBILE FIRST ☝️! Our SocialSites look awesome on 💻 but what good would they be if they didn’t look this way on the single most important platform that virtually all users are on 📱? S ...

23 Oct, 2019

Let's Do the Math...

Thinking about hiring a marketing specialist in-house? Let’s do the maths… The average salary (especially for well-seasoned marketers), in the market is around $60k per year… Kee ...

23 Oct, 2019

Cutting Edge Products with Simple Functionality

As a team that’s clocked up many years in the industry, we wanted to make our mark, offering cutting edge yet simple tools that will enhance the way you work on site. Enjoy cutting edge construc ...

23 Oct, 2019

How to get Started on your Building Project

You may have lots of different ideas about your building project…but what is the best way to get started? If you already have a specific vision about how you’d like your project, it&rsqu ...



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