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28 Aug, 2019

What we Do

Did you know that you can get the Complete Marketing System (CMS) - which includes website, email marketing, social media and paid traffic management for less than the price of a receptionist 3 days p ...

25 Aug, 2019

Specialising in Renovations, both small and BIG!

When it comes to renovations, we have the expertise to do small and large projects. And when we mean large, we mean LARGE. This is just a quick peek at the magnitude of projects we have had the pl ...

25 Aug, 2019

We Don't just do Extensions!

21 Aug, 2019

How to Market Effectively in the Digital Arena

Marketing effectively in the digital arena requires the use of different tactics and strategies. But with so much happening in your day-to-day, it might be overwhelming to devote your time and effor ...

21 Aug, 2019

A Snapshot of our Projects

A quick snapshot of the projects we work with, on any given day! We were thrilled to design the expansion of this home, creating a first-floor addition, complete with bedrooms, Rumpus and another bath ...

21 Aug, 2019

The Importance of Planning

When it comes to making changes to your home there’s one thing that we can’t stress enough – plan, plan, PLAN 💥! Embarking on a renovation can be a big investment. From reviewing you ...



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