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4 Dec, 2019

How Extensions Differ from other Projects

It may not be pretty now, but just wait until the project is complete 💥! Extensions are different from your run-of-the-mill renovation or custom building project. It takes lots of skill, insight a ...

27 Nov, 2019

Take your Time with the Research: Download our Guide

Extending your home requires lots of thought, care and insight from the right builder with the right expertise ☝️. It’s worth it to step back and take your time with the process. After all ...

17 Nov, 2019

The Beauty of Extensions

Feeling like you’ve outgrown your home? This is natural, especially if you have a growing family under one roof… But before you pack up and put your current home on the market, there is ...

10 Nov, 2019

Feeling like you've Outgrown your Home? Read THIS!

STOP 🚫. Before you decide to put your house on the market because you’ve “outgrown” your home…read this! There is a way you can still enjoy your existing home while also ...

3 Nov, 2019

What we Offer

Families in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie are finding MORE space in their block by building UP ⬆️. For over 30 years, we’ve been helping families create new and fresh spaces with our service ...

27 Oct, 2019

Our Best Project To Date

Where does it end and where does it start 😲?! You’d be hard-pressed to believe that this home was actually a one-storey unit before our team worked their magic on it! This home design was a ...

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