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18 Sep, 2019

Saving you Time, Money and Resources

Our easy-to-use app and innovative products will not only save you time, money and resources, but will also deliver higher standards of work. Maximise the natural flow to your day-to-day work routin ...

11 Sep, 2019

The Struggle that Tradies Experience

Tradies juggle a lot during their day-to-day. Having to go off site to find the necessary tools and supplies shouldn’t be one of them. With the Tradie Screws app, you no longer have to waste h ...

4 Sep, 2019

"Is There a Catch?"

“The Tradie Screws App seems too good to be true. Is there a catch?” Our app gives you access to the most innovative performance enhancing products in the market. It’s as easy as th ...

28 Aug, 2019

Our Mission

We pride ourselves on innovation and technology. Not only do we offer exclusive products that offer high performance, we also make it accessible to tradies across the country, through the use of our s ...

21 Aug, 2019

We've got a Question to Ask You...

What if you could access some of the most innovative tools in Australia, with the touch of a button? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? We’re the ones who make it happen. For the fi ...

14 Aug, 2019

Enhancing the way you work On Site

After years of rigorous testing, research and development, we’ve created a collection of durable and simple gadgets that will work to enhance your day-to-day work on site. To learn more about ou ...

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Author: Rich Latimer