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16 Oct, 2019

Understanding your Family's Lifestyle

Builder’s Tip: Understand your family’s lifestyle Part of the planning process is nailing down your ‘must have’ and 'would like to have’ lists… Do you need more ...

9 Oct, 2019

We're Officially ONLINE!

Oh! what do we have here 🤩?! In case you missed it, our team is finally ONLINE 💥. If you’ve been following us on social and want to know more about what we do, then check out our work on ...

6 Oct, 2019

From One-Level to THIS

Hard to believe that this home was a one-level rancher before 😱. Now that our team has completed the raising of this property, it’s time to construct the layout of new rooms 👊. This proje ...

2 Oct, 2019

The Importance of looking at your Existing Structure

Raise and build renovations require lots of care! If you’re looking to embark on a comprehensive renovation like this one, it’s important to ensure a thorough review of your home’s s ...

22 Sep, 2019

A Quick Look on our Progress

Have you been keeping a close pulse on our Southport raise and build renovation project (if you’re new to our page, make sure to check out our previous posts to learn more)? The house has been ...

18 Sep, 2019

Blending Old with the New

Your charming heritage-style home CAN possess all the chic and modern features of today! With specialist knowledge, your home can have the best of both worlds. Enjoy modern and cutting edge spaces th ...

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