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16 Oct, 2019

Passive Solar Design: More than just offering natural light!

Despite its name, passive solar design isn’t just about providing natural light ☝️! Passive solar design also means reducing the need for artificial heating and cooling… Why is this a be ...

9 Oct, 2019

Our Rich History

Our Founder and Principle Designer, Russell Cook has been perfecting his craft of building design even before RC Building Designs came to fruition! In fact, he designed his first new home on a very d ...

29 Sep, 2019

What does it take to Achieve a First-Floor Addition?

So what exactly was needed to achieve this first-floor addition? ✅ Meticulous attention to detail. ✅ Insightful Design. ✅ A level of execution that exceeds industry standards. All of these e ...

25 Sep, 2019

Reducing your Carbon Footprint with Solar Passive Design

Passive solar design is a fantastic element to incorporate, especially if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint. This is a clean and efficient use of energy, based on a source that is r ...

15 Sep, 2019

Achieving a Seamless Building Design

Even if you look closely, you’d be hard-pressed to believe that this home in Merewether Heights received a first-floor addition and makeover! Our team members understand the elements that are e ...

11 Sep, 2019

What is Solar Passive Design?

If you’re new to our page (welcome, by the way 👋!) you may have seen us mention Passive Solar Design a handful of times in our posts. But what is it, exactly 🤔? Passive solar design al ...

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