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Once you have watched the video please have a read of the letter below to get an understanding
of how things started for me helping my cousin and how we were able to solve the problems he
was facing, then use the form at the bottom of the page to contact us about how we can also help
you with those or similar issues.

Dear Trent,

Can you believe it’s been 7 years since you first sat down and talked to me about all the struggles you were facing, running life as a builder, trying to stay ahead while the threat of burnout hung over you every day?

Our families have been in building and trades for a long time so when you told me about how hard things were getting keeping the business going, I knew what you were going through. We both know that running a highly-profitable building or trades Business is not easy! You and I have watched so many of our friends and family go under or buckle from the constant pressure of having their business (and therefore their lives) operate at the mercy of word of mouth referrals.

I didn’t know where this journey with you would lead but I knew that I wanted to help you, and other builders and tradies, create a better quality of life - a life where you call the shots and earn what you are worth without having to sacrifice so much of your life to get it. All this time later, here we are, and it’s really exciting to be able to say that I have now worked directly with over 450+ Builders and Tradies from all over Australia, New Zealand and the World doing just that, so thank you for getting me into this game mate!

What is not surprising to me now is why. Each and every one of the builders I have helped has told me the same things you did all those years ago. Just like you, they had been feeling frustrated, anxious, disappointed, overwhelmed, unmotivated name it!

I have seen so much heartache as the guys I work with tell me about the stress and uncertainty of relying on luck, fate and nothing but word of mouth to get them their next job. While most say they are “flat-out” and “have so much on” they are constantly having to deal with tyre-kickers and time wasters, often just to get to the jobs that aren’t what they love to do, or what they are worth, but have to do to get by.

I’ve got to tell you, knowing that my clients have had the chance to free up their weekends and personal family time because we have provided them with a strategy to provide security for the future, is a result that I feel very grateful for and humbled by.

I told them all, just like I told you, there is a better way.

When we first started working together we knew that your goal was to achieve consistent, high-profit workflow. Work quantity was never the issue. Every guy with a nail gun is busy, but only 1% are making the profits they want, working only 30/40hrs a week and taking 8 weeks off a year.

With your business as our starting point, I learnt how to help you and hundreds of other builders build a steady stream of pre-qualified clients who know them, trust them and are itching to hire them for premium rates, 2 to 3 years in advance.

We had skin in the game and it mattered so much to me that these life-changing outcomes were actually realised. No fluff and bullshit, just real results that meant lives were changing.

For a long time, builders and trades business like yours have been given generic, unsubstantiated or unmeasurable advice about marketing. It’s been these false promises that have kept you guys winched to the mercy of forces you could not control.

Our plan was to overcome the “Word of Mouth Myth” that has done no more than keep builders stuck without any control over their workflow, profits and life goals.

The way to achieve this was to build a solid niche and put our clients’ businesses in such high demand that they can charge for quotes, pick and choose the clients they want and know for sure that each job is the highest-profit job they could possibly be doing at that time.

It has been an incredible honour to be a part of your journey out of the myths. Because what we do is so connected to helping builders win their lives, families and time back, the rewards, knowing that we have helped in such meaningful ways, blow my mind every day.

It was being connected to the building industry and you in such a personal way that helped me to realise how important it is to understand the power of creating a strong, personal connection between you, your business and your existing and prospective clients, as well as the wider community. When you build this kind of relationship with your audience you have created Social Currency - the strongest connection you can have with your prospective clients.

Social Currency is the future of marketing. It is one of the most important things a builder can do for their business and how you can build your position up so that you no longer have to worry about where the next job is coming from.

People are disillusioned and numb to the fancy, flashy advertising we have all become so used to. Social Currency makes your marketing presence real. It builds trust because people come to feel like they know you, what’s important to you, and how others perceive you.

You’ve helped me to help others use Social Currency to position their business against their competitors in just this way, building a trusting and loyal client base, giving builders and tradies the freedom to work and do the jobs that suit and inspire them!

What a result! Thank you Trent, for allowing me to help you, and for being the catalyst and inspiration for what has now become an opportunity for builders around the world to break free and build the lives they truly want.

I now have the vision and goal to help 1000 Builders and Tradies and we are almost halfway there. Once we reach that goal we will stick with those clients for life and make them more money than they can dream of, while focusing back on my youth mental health work where it all started.

So thanks again for the opportunity to help you and I hope anyone reading this letter gets in touch to book a strategy session and gives me a go as well. We can’t create miracles BUT we will not let them down!


Watch a Seminar Presentation by Rich that explains in detail how he was able to transform his cousin’s business and that of hundreds of others.


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