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Throw the business cards away forever & join the Digital Revolution with an Automated Ebrochure.

First impressions last. Make sure your prospective clients get to see just how amazing you and your business really are with a fully automated, interactive Ebrochure.

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Welcome to the foundation of what we do.
Cutting edge Social Media and Email Marketing.
Get ready to blow your competitors out of the water.

Watch the video and learn how this essential and unrivaled digital marketing system
has changed the lives of many building and trade companies just like yours, and why it works.

Director - Rich Latimer
Rated in the top #100 Facebook Marketers in the World

Achieve sales/workflow control and save thousands of hours per year with our Email Marketing System (EMS).

Rich Training EMS

Email Marketing is up to 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than any other kind of online marketing.

To secure the years of investment you have already made in your business means you need to do it right. Spaces are filling fast, contact us today.

Just like on the job site if you're going to use a tool,
make sure it’s the best possible tool available.

Make sure your message gets DELIVERED

70 - %
If you're going to put a nail in, would you use a plastic hammer from a kids Bob the Builder set or a Hitachi NR83A3(S) Nailgun? So why is your business any different? In fact your MARKETING is how you improve the QUALITY of the work. Just like on the job site if you're going to use a tool, make sure it’s the best possible tool available.

Make sure your message gets OPENED

40 - %
So what does this mean in terms of marketing systems? Well imagine you have 1000 people in your database with our system you effectively reach 800 and 200-400 engage, instead if you use any other email system or CRM and you reach a maximum of 80 with around 8 engaging with a half-cut marketing effort.

Make sure your message gets RESULTS

15 - %
At the end of the day by using the Rich Training Email Marketing System you have 10X the chance of securing a contract, which even for one contract alone, could be the difference in hundreds of thousands of dollars.



Save time and Money with a Fully Automated Email Marketing Newsletter.

  • Simply use Instagram to post Photos/Videos straight from your phone and our system will put together a beautiful email newsletter for you each month and send it out to your database.
  • As people see the great work you do each month, they learn to trust you and they are then willing to pay premium margins to have you instead of your competition, whom they know nothing about other than their quote - it is called educational, trust building marketing and this feature has generated millions of dollars worth of contracts for our clients.

Social Media and Email Marketing are the most cost effective and essential marketing tools available today.

ems system

W H A T    I F

  • You could easily build genuine, long lasting client relationships?

  • You never lost a lead or contact again?

  • You could pan your current database for gold?

  • You could establish your brand online?

  • You could integrate and automate your online marketing
    and media so it saved you time instead of taxing it?

Optimised Facebook & Instagram Accounts
are the Future of Business.

integrity fb mobile

Social media now dominates online activity and, therefore, how we do business. With a third of the entire world’s population using it daily, it is vital that you have a stand out presence on social, combined with the cutting edge systems needed to maximise your output and returns. It is proven that less than 50% of new leads trust word of mouth referrals until they have done their own online research – evidence that a positive conversation online about your business turns followers into dollars.

Stay relevant and ahead of the pack.
Learn how to generate quick & engaging content across multiple platforms.
Save time & reduce your workload.

Transform your growing audience into real enquiries & referrals, banking clients in your database for business security.

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Rosin Bros Landed a Whale Contract within 6 weeks of
working with Rich Training. This lead turned
into a contract worth over $1 Million!

  • In March 2015 we took on Rosin Bros Builders in Canberra. As instructed, they collected their pre-existing list of email addresses to import into their new EMS and we launched their initial Ebrochure e-blast. Within 24 hours Rosin Bros had a lead from a designer who had a big job in the pipeline and wanted to talk. Fast forward and Rosin Bros were the ones who worked on that million+ dollar job, which well and truly paid for the initial investment in the EMS Starter Kit.

  • Rosin Bros have also utilised the EMS for Open Home events, constantly building their client bank and referral base. Rosin Bros continue to run successful Facebook & Instagram campaigns with us, growing their business and customer database further and further, every step of the way.

Integrate and optimise all social platforms hooking new leads into your EMS Database.

  • Email Marketing is the highest converting marketing channel in your industry. We know because we have spent 15 years perfecting how it works.
  • Your EMS includes the set up of an interactive Ebrochure and monthly automated newsletter, working seamlessly together to track, trace and nurture inbound leads from social sites while you sleep. This strategy successfully delivers you genuine leads to nurture and build business security in as little as 20 minutes per week.
rich training ems system

"I just wanted to say how amazing your business is. The tools and systems we are now using are far superior to anything we have used before. We have sent out our email blast with great success and have new contacts signing up to our hook link weekly. I have been getting great feedback about the Tumblr blogs and the EMS is simple and effective. Thanks again for your help and I look forward to keeping you up to date with the success of our Social Currency."

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"Before using Rich Training we were struggling to connect with our database of past customers. This system allows me to project my business into the minds of my potential clients and ensure that they come to me for glazing products and services before signing off with one of my competitors. In the 3 weeks since sending out our first E-blast we have quoted almost $500,000 worth of work. Of that, we have secured over $230,000 in sales directly attributed to Rich Training. Thanks Rich."


What does the Business Coach for the Building Industry say about our campaigns?

"I prescribe Rich Training and their Social and Email Marketing packages to every single client I work with because they get results and every Builder needs social word of mouth now."

logo builders coach
Kurt Hegetschweiler
ems rich training

This is the must have marketing kit from Rich Training.

  • We are the Number 1 Social Marketing Agency for Building and Trades Businesses. We have 15 years experience in the digital world and we know how to optimise your social presence, extending its reach, to ensure leads are fished out of social and into your own EMS database.
  • We have worked hard to get here, trying and testing the platforms and tools for years to get the formula right so you don’t have to. We have invested enormous amounts of time and resources into the technical nitty-gritty so we can deliver you the most powerful, high-performance, online email marketing system around.

What can the Rich Training Ebrochure and
Starter Kit do for your business?

  • 1. Establish and Optimise your brand across Facebook, Instagram & Tumblr.
  • 2. Fill platforms with alluring hooks to draw leads into your database. Turn your growing audience into real enquiries and referrals!
  • 3. Automatically deliver an interactive, digital Ebrochure to anyone interested in your business at the click of a button. No more business cards!
  • 4. Produce a monthly automated newsletter that takes approximately 10 minutes a week to populate, keeping your database warm and engaged with you.
builder design ems
  • 5. Ebrochures can be delivered via auto-text reply so you never have to stop and answer the phone on the job site again.
  • 6. Get the information you need to identify prospects with the best qualities to pick and choose from your best leads.
  • 7. A centralised location for all your pre-existing contacts and new leads so that you can quickly and easily deliver your marketing message.
  • 8. Save yourself enormous amounts of time and hassle by creating a simple one touch posting method from your mobile or tablet to update all your social sites and website.

Capture leads and prospects from anywhere automatically.

info ems
  • Your EMS includes the setup of an interactive Ebrochure and monthly automated newsletter, along with the setup, optimisation and integration of all the key social media platforms, so that your entire online presence is connected, automated and working seamlessly.

Never lose a prospect again.

"The Lead Capture alone is worth every cent, we have already got enquires from our database, it’s just incredible."

Yaren Henwood

So how does it all work from a Builder's perspective?

So, would you like to secure the future for your business?

Do you want a powerful and proactive social media approach that will secure your business now and into the future?

These days you need more than just a Facebook Page. A complete digital and email marketing system is the most effective way to direct traffic and generate new leads for higher profits and better quality of life.

Don’t waste precious time and money trying to piece it all together on your own. We’ve done all the work for you. This is the cornerstone for complete automated Email Marketing, Social Media and Database Management that works.

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You know that in order to be truly successful in business you need internet marketing and that means more than just a static website and some SEO. You need to be making the most of the two largest communication channels on the planet: Social Media and Email - with high level skill and expertise - if you want to rise above the ordinary and stand ahead of the pack, generating millions in profit and saving thousands of wasted hours a year.

Once you fill out the form our Head Consultant will contact you to:

1. Get a deep understanding of where you are now.
2. Find out where you want to be in the next 12-24 months.
3. Create a Digital Social Marketing action plan to get you there.

The 3 key things you will take away from this session are:

1. How to break free from being busy but not getting ahead.
2. How to best allocate the funds from your advertising budget.
3. The effect of social media and Social Currency on your business now and into the future.

Spaces fill very fast and we can only work with a certain number of clients per year, so fill this form out now and we look forward to helping you reach your goals.

We use the most powerful communication tools on the planet
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