"On our first campaign with Rich we won a 1.2 million dollar job and that was the biggest job we've ever done."

- Justin Andrews, Abode Construction

Justin went from working 80 hours per week to 40 or 50 hours, achieving a better quality of life thanks to our Automated Marketing System helping to position his business as an authority and trusted name in his region.

Abode Construction Case Study

"Before I'd win 10-20% of the people I would go and see, and now I'm up to 50-60%."

Imagine having a business where people are willing to pay higher margins, knowing they are paying more simply to get you to build their home?

That's exactly what we did for Justin.

What we did for Abode

When Justin Andrews from Abode came to us he was looking to reduce his workload and and save on wasted time and money on SEO and other online marketing that left him with no results and the only prospects he had to deal with were tyre kickers that either wouldn't convert, or that were not be the highest-profit jobs available in his region. They even expected him to quote them for free!

He had been a client of ours a few years and had our Email Marketing System with Ebrochure and Social Media setup pack (Starter Tackle Kit), but had not actively engaged us for Facebook and Instagram Campaigns as he was dubious about spending the money, and about having the time to deal with leads.

We worked on a strategy to do around four campaigns a year and build an awareness around his brand to attract the specific clients he wanted, then directly target highly specific segments of his market to find the best prospects.


We then started driving amazing high quality leads to his social and into his Ebrochure database in which we had set up a range of automated pre-qualifying emails that allowed only the best prospects to come through and actually talk with him.

The result was him reducing his workload by nearly 50%, landing the largest contracts of his career and being in such high demand that now he can hand pick the location, style, build and client that HE wants and even now charges just to quote people. He also went on to engage in our Mentorship program and automate many other aspects of his business.

So, would you like to create a consistent flow of
high profit work for your Building or Trades Business?

No other medium in the world today has as much reach, power and influence as Social Media.
If you are not being seen on social you are missing out on 80% of the market and tradies will go under as a result.
To secure the years of investment you have already made in your business means you need to do it right.
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Find out why Social Profit is the future of the economy and essential to the Building, Trades and Real Estate Industries.

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