6 Ways Solar Companies Can “Crush it” with their Marketing Efforts


So you want to know how to stand out from the crowd with your solar company?  

In an increasingly competitive market, how can a solar company use effective marketing techniques to stand out and capture more of this hot, and getting hotter, market?

The challenge is understanding the nature of solar itself. The sun is a free source of energy radiating its full glory down on us on a daily basis. That fact in itself is a fantastic talking point, yet not everyone understands its true potential. 

We are shifting globally at velocity from the old to new so the challenge we are facing is “mindset”.

“Solar PV is becoming cheaper than ever and it has become one of the least expensive options for new power generation and is lower than the cost of most fossil fuel-powered generators, enabling solar installed capacity to expand faster than any other fuel. Most analysts predict that the 2017 global solar installed capacity will be around the 100 GW mark and 2018 is expected to see continued growth.” - renewableenergyworld.com


1. Understand Your Customer Mindset

Solar Costs and Installation Systems have changed a lot, therefore, understanding your customers’ beliefs around solar costs locally is an essential step to creating your key message that must be weaved into your overall marketing strategy.

Due to the rapid growth of Solar in Australia and New Zealand, it’s easy to assume your customer knows the growth and trends of this industry, but the truth is, they more than likely feel that “solar is too expensive”.

Prices in Australia have dropped significantly since 2009 (when a piddly 1kW system installation cost $10,000) - particularly for larger systems. You’ll get far more for the same money. And despite what you may have heard, the price you pay in 2018 is still heavily subsidised by the Australian government-run solar rebate scheme.

A typical cost of an installed 3KW solar system in AU: $6,500

  • Government Rebate:  $1,950
  • Cost to you for 3kW of solar power: Approx $4,550

[Source - solarquotes.com.au]


2. Educate! Educate!  

A recent article stated, “Stop Selling & Start Educating”. Education is the most important aspect of a Solar Business because let’s be honest - it’s the way of the future and the only thing holding us back from making the switch is education. It’s your duty as a solar guy or gal to educate via blogs, articles, videos and posts with your Why and How.

There’s no doubt that a person’s ears will prick up when you start rattling off some solid facts about the sun because it’s so damn fascinating! If you’re a solar guy or gal, you will have a pretty good handle on the science behind the “Why” and “How” Solar is so important for the sustainability of our future. 

This is your gold. Use it and Abuse it. 

It’s a great idea to have these amazing facts at hand and to incorporate them into your social media strategy to continue to grow your brand as an authority while building great rapport with your audience. 


3. Create a Social Media Plan of Attack

A Social Media Strategy is crucial in this day and age of digital media. 

Every step you take on social should be a part of your overall strategy, guiding towards your overarching business goals. Instead of posting reactively, a strategy will help position you as a leader in your field while growing a loyal following.

You can get started by following these basic steps:

1/ Who is your Customer? Find out who you are talking to, what they like, don’t like, what are their behaviours online? Are they male or female? Are the married? Single? Do they have children? Students? Find out who they are, and speak to them with each piece of content you share.

2/ What is your look and feel? Do you have a particular tone you need to speak in to connect with your customer avatar ie: sophisticated, cheeky or professional? Do you have particular formatting and text you want to present? Another idea is to pick 1 x filter in Instagram and use that for every post! Whatever it is, make sure it’s consistent…

3/ Post Consistently: Post regularly and post at times of the day when your audience is most likely to be online. A tip is to check your ‘insights’ on both Facebook and Instagram and actually see when your followers are online.  

4/ Be Congruent: Make sure that your efforts are similar across all platforms! That means profile pic, company bio, links etc are all similar with look and feel. 

5/ Use Themes: Pick a theme for certain days of the week that appeal to your customer and be consistent. ie: 

  • Monday - Solar Facts
  • Tuesday - FB Live & Insta Live
  • Wednesday - Sales focused (what services you offer)
  • Thursday- Meet the team
  • Friday- ‘Why go Solar” inspiration as an example 

4/ Build Your Audience with an irresistible Lead Magnet

A Lead Magnet is a way to offer potential buyers something of value in exchange for their contact information. These days people don’t hand over their information that easily, so a Lead Magnet is a way to attract genuine leads who are interested in what you offer and are passionate about. 

They usually offer some kind of digital content ie: Free Educational Video, PDF Guide, or an eBook. This is where you can run wild with the knowledge you have in your head and create something unique to you and your business that will be too good to refuse for your ideal customer.

This Lead Magnet can then be used on your website, landing page and/or social media to build your audience of interested and engaged potential buyers in your email database (EMS).


5/ Engage a Decent Email Marketing System (EMS)

Email Marketing is not going away! It’s still going strong. In fact, 89% marketers said that email was their primary channel for lead generation. (Mailigen

Most businesses will have an email marketing system (EMS), but not necessarily use it to its fullest potential. Your EMS keeps you connected to your customers, sending out monthly emails with sales, promotions, news, and updates. It is also the place to store all your new leads that are captured by your Lead Magnet, eBrochure or online form. 

Sending out regular email blasts to your database will ensure that you are on the top of their mind when it comes time to make their purchasing decision. 


6/ Pimp Out Your Website!

With so much competition out there, it’s important that you are on top of your game. Your website is your home base and your online shopfront. As a business owner, you want to make sure you come up in search engines when people google “solar” locally, and when they get there a good website will enchant them and capture their contact details. 

A beautifully presented website can package and position you as the professional you are and showcase your top services. Image is everything online and it only takes one glance at a badly navigated site, poor images, or old, outdated information for a potential buyer to be turned off.   

A cutting-edge website should include:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Multiple opportunities for Lead Capture 
  • Facebook Integration
  • Blog / Recent News 
  • live Instagram Feed 
  • Live Chat is a bonus! 

Here at Rich Training, we have Digital Marketing systems that can help create steady profit, save time and automate your marketing to ensure you get that high-profit, high-quality workflow. 

If you want a kick-ass marketing plan for your solar business, contact us at www.richtraining.com.au.




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Author: Rich Latimer