S U C C E S S!  We just finished a fantastic 4-week campaign for...

S U C C E S S!  

We just finished a fantastic 4-week campaign for Hawkesbury River Home Builders. They are thrilled with the result and so are we… 

What? A Lead Generation Awareness Campaign “7 things you must ask before signing your building contract” 

How? We created a lead magnet driven by Facebook Ads to attract potential customers, which fed into a beautiful landing page with email opt-in. In order to get prospects to the landing page, our Facebook ads are tailored to specific audiences, pre-qualifying them so our clients know they are only getting seriously interested prospects into their Email Marketing System.   


- 54 high-quality leads

- 351 Facebook Likes.

Now that’s what we call ON FIRE!

  • What if you could find your perfect client before they even thought about searching?
  • What if you could read their minds and know exactly where they want to build, how much they want to spend, how many kids and even the type of personality they have?
  • What if you could know that every job you take on is the best highest profit job possible in your region at the time?

Find out how we can do this for your building or trades business: http://bit.ly/rt-ad-campaigns




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