It's not about more work!
It's about increasing profitable work
and decreasing wasted time.


“Now I can be over on the island fishing while all this stuff is just happening automatically in the background.
We would now be the leading Building company in our region for sure. It’s pretty incredible really, honestly you
would have to have rocks in your head not to jump on with Rich Training.”

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icon golden briefcase #1 Unlock Hidden Cash Flow

Access your Golden Briefcase

Let us help you capture and nurture every possible prospect now and create consistent high profit workflow into the future. We help you access locked-up and hidden profits and contracts immediately from your past, present and future client or prospect database (or as we call it, your “Client Bank”) so that you are able to make a withdrawal from that “client bank” whenever needed, like turning high-profit work on and off like a tap.
What would it feel like to know you will never lose a potential lead or prospect again, no matter if they decided to go with you now or in five years, and that your already existing clients have you at the front of their mind years after building when their.


icon fish #2 Consistent Quality Workflow

Learn to Catch only the BEST Fish

If you needed to feed your family and your only method was through fishing and I offered you two choices of equipment:

1. A single piece of fishing line with no hook and a piece of bread.
2. A Net with auto digital tracking and deployment systems specifically designed to catch the exact fish you and your family want. Which would you choose?

Ok, No brainer right. Well, why are you not providing the best tool to your most valuable asset and the very thing that does feed your family and the families of others… your business?

icon stop #3 Stop pushing Sh%T Uphill

Avoid the sink-hole and job-to-job nightmare

Many clients will come to me at events and say “WOW loved your presentation, it made total sense and I can see the amazing results! But, we are pretty flat-out and booked out right now so we don't need any marketing systems. When the work then drops off it's a disaster and they realise they missed out on 10 contracts that year that were worth double the profit of the jobs they did. They realise this happened because of a total lack of any effective digital marketing systems and strategies. Pretty quickly change their tune and call us to help them at that time.


Just like on the job site if you're going to use a tool,
make sure it’s the best possible tool available.

Make sure your message gets DELIVERED

70 - %
If you're going to put a nail in, would you use a plastic hammer from a kids Bob the Builder set or a Hitachi NR83A3(S) Nailgun? So why is your business any different? In fact your MARKETING is how you improve the QUALITY of the work. Just like on the jobsite if you're going to use a tool, make sure it’s the best possible tool available.

Make sure your message gets OPENED

40 - %
So what does this mean in terms of marketing systems? Well imagine you have 1000 people in your database. With our system you will effectively reach 800 and 200-400 engage. Using any other email system or CRM and you reach a maximum of 80 with around 8 engaging with a half-cut marketing effort.

Make sure your message gets RESULTS

15 - %
At the end of the day by using the Rich Training Email Marketing System you have 10X the chance of securing a contract, which even for one contract alone, could be the difference in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Through these benefits and hundreds more we have helped our
clients reach their dream goals and we would love to help you too!

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You know that in order to be truly successful in business you need internet marketing and that means more than just a static website and some SEO. You need to be making the most of the two largest communication channels on the planet: Social Media and Email - with high level skill and expertise - if you want to rise above the ordinary and stand ahead of the pack, generating millions in profit and saving thousands of wasted hours a year.

Once you fill out the form our Head Consultant will contact you to:

1. Get a deep understanding of where you are now.
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The 3 key things you will take away from this session are:

1. How to break free from being busy but not getting ahead.
2. How to best allocate the funds from your advertising budget.
3. The effect of social media and Social Currency on your business now and into the future.

Spaces fill very fast and we can only work with a certain number of clients per year, so fill this form out now and we look forward to helping you reach your goals.