Rich Training is the #1 Digital Marketing Provider for the Building, Trades and Real Estate Industries and Rated in the Top #100 Marketers in the World by Facebook and MOST importantly by our clients.

We believe the heartbeat of a business is its customers and team, and a business that looks after its heart and also gives back to the world is destined for growth and success!

To deliver the most cutting edge digital marketing solutions in the world, with the aim of helping 1000 Building, Trades and Real Estate companies to become wildly successful and light years ahead of their competition, while also giving back and making the world a better place through our youth mental health program.

Rich Training has mastered the two most powerful communication technologies on the planet today (Social Media & Email Marketing) to specifically help Builders, Trades and Real Estate companies generate a consistent flow of superior-quality and highly profitable work, while reducing thousands of wasted hours that can now be automated.

Our Team

A group of 15 talented people work with great enthusiasm from our offices in Australia, New York and Brazil.
Jointly, more than 450 builders are linked to Social Medias through the Rich Training Digital Marketing System.
This reputation for gaining results within Facebook and Email Marketing has led to the development of a
highly specialised expert team that help business to use Facebook Pages and Email Marketing together to get results.

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    Rich Latimer
    Founder & Director
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    Krista Fuller
    Digital Marketing Senior Project Manager, Trainer & Mentor
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    Mark Oakley
    Production Manager & Client Mentor
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    Rire Firelilly
    Digital Marketer, Social Media & Blogging
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    Sanndy Star
    Customer Relations and Admin
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    Chris Spaulding
    Marketing Optimization and Lead-generation Specialist
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    Simon Dunn
    Facebook Ads Manager
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    Clint Bonner
    Head of Sales & Marketing Strategist
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    Ricardo Alves
    Product Marketing Manager & Internet Marketing Specialist
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    Jéssica Alves
    Assistant & Administration
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    Juliana Diani
    Designer & Developer
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Rich Latimer

/ Speaker's Bio

Marketing Expert - Speaker - Musician - Youth Worker - Awaretreprenuer

Whilst Rich like any high performing Entrepreneur does an incredible array of things, at his core he is a positive, vibrant and down to earth character with a BIG Heart. He has come through extreme trauma and adversity to shine a light of awareness into the world.

His mission is to help and inspire people and he uses music and business as the two vehicles to do it.

As a Digital Marketing Expert Rich has 15+ years experience and came to public attention when he was awarded in the TOP #100 Marketers in the World by Facebook in 2014. Since then he has focused on his niche of marketing exclusively for Builders, Trades and Real Estate companies, working alongside the likes of Builders Coach, HIA and MBA and many more, to successfully help hundreds and hundreds of businesses generate millions in income purely from Social Media and Email Marketing.

Rich is a renowned Speaker with his presentations on the Power of Social Currency and the Social Economy, combined with new world social responsibility based business models, he has been capturing and enlightening audiences at high level events and building associations all around the world. The aim of this program is to empower and enable entrepreneurs who have a passion for social and environmental change to develop business models that are a perfect union of for profit and service to the world.
Rich is a talented and high profile Musician and this has always been his passion, performing both in a full progressive rock band called Very Unique Existence and more recently also starting a Solo Music career simply under his name Rich Latimer with a new album “Dreamer” to arrive early 2018.

He has also been involved in Youth Work for many years, working in High Schools, Mentoring and traveling the world, performing in a music based mental health program he created called Awareness Shows - see more about that below. The word Awaretreprenuer is the name of Rich’s personal one-on-one Coaching and Mentoring program for Entrepreneurs.

As a testimony to his abilities, Rich has managed to combine all of his skills, talents and passions whereby his Marketing Agency is able to help hundreds of business owners succeed and in turn, he is able to self-fund the Awareness Shows program which is an outlet for his passion as a musician.

Our Social Responsibility Project

Awareness Shows started in 2010 by Rich Latimer, a professional musician who spent 3 years working
in a high school as a student social and emotional wellbeing support worker. With a life filled with
many extreme personal experiences around the issues facing our youth today, and after a catastrophic life
event involving a teenage sibling, Rich realised that long term change in social attitudes within a
school required powerful youth centred and emotionally engaging educational experiences, along with a
whole school approach. Awareness Shows has gone on to be that approach and has reached, changed and
saved many tens of thousands of young lives as a result and is one of the most important real educational
performances available today.


Rich’s Coaching Program


The Awaretreprenuer is the name of Rich’s Business Coaching and Mentoring program for Entrepreneurs. The aim of this program is to empower and enable entrepreneurs with a heart centred purpose to develop business models that are a perfect union of and for profit and for service to the world.

In addition to the one-on-one Coaching and Mentoring, Rich is currently working with a small team of experts to compile some of the most incredible tools, resources, guides, processes, music, books, movies, mentors and more to launch "The Path of the Awaretrepreneur" - a 7 step journey from head to heart centred business by the end of 2018.

Rich’s Music Projects



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